Sofradir EC, Inc. (Fairfield, NJ) is introducing a new line of high performance infrared imaging engines. The Miniature Thermal Imaging Engines, labeled “MiTIE”, utilize a Sofradir cryogenically cooled MCT infrared detector. Three models will be introduced, the MiTIE MWIR-HD, a high definition 1280x1024 mid-wave imager and two VGA-format 640x512 engines, one for the long-wave spectral band (MiTIE LWIR) and the other for the mid-wave band (MiTIE MWIR). The MiTIE camera engines each include an integrated detector/dewar cooler assembly based on a 15 micron pitch, high performance Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) IR focal plane array. The engines produce both analog NTSC/PAL video as well as 14-bit digital data (Camera Link and HDMI). The camera control interface is either USB or Camera Link.

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