ALGOR, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, has released ALGOR V20, an integrated CAD/finite element analysis (FEA) modeling environment for working with imported CAD models or building original models. New features include design scenarios that let a single FEA model contain numerous analyses; a software wizard for creating bolts and fasteners; design studies and size optimization, which provide automated tools for achieving optimal designs based on user-supplied criteria; and improved meshing capabilities. Other new features are a k-epsilon turbulence model for fluid flow analysis, which allows specification of wall roughness, and a reinforced (rebar) concrete element and material model for realistic simulation of concrete structures. The software also supports multiple rotating frames of reference for 3D modeling of complex fans and similar systems, and the capability to define results-based load curves for Mechanical Event Simulation. Enhanced multiphysics analysis includes coupled unsteady fluid flow and transient heat with buoyancy effects.

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