A camera gauge system from Newcomb Spring Corp. (Decatur, GA) provides precise, image-based length measurements, with data recording and reportable order details. The system measures compression springs as they are manufactured, capturing and saving a digital image of each part and recording part dimensions. If part measurements approach maximum tolerance levels, the system’s computer program automatically triggers an adjustment in connected wire coiling machinery, causing the equipment to recalibrate and comply more closely to nominal specifications. When the order is complete, a report and digital record is available for download.

With a high-resolution 10X macro camera lens, the Newcomb Camera System compares dimensional image data to a pre-set tolerance range. If parts fall outside of that range, they are rejected and sorted into “too long” or “too short” holding bins. At the end of the run, rejected parts are manually counted and compared to the system’s report, confirming all data is correct.

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