OriginLab Corp., Northampton, MA, has announced Origin 8 Windows-based data analysis and graphing software that operates around a revamped workbook space, which allows results of an analysis to be placed into a worksheet within a raw data’s workbook. Parameter values, statistics, and related analysis graphs are available whenever looking at the original data. A new multi-sheet workbook feature keeps all related data, analyses, and graphs together. Sheets can be moved, added, inserted, or deleted. Workbooks in the new version also contain a new feature that allows users to embed graphs and images within cells to create a custom report. Another new feature called Sparklines allows for a special type of embedded graph found within worksheet column headers. Column Sparklines provide brief profiles of the column’s data, providing users with an at-a-glance profile of the data in a given column. The aspect ratio of column Sparklines can be changed to show more data trends by changing the column width and/or row height. A graph can be copied to the clipboard as a Sparkline to display a small, word-sized graphic within text documents.

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