National Instruments, Austin, TX, has introduced the NI VirtualBench that combines five instruments in one device: a mixed-signal oscilloscope, a digital multimeter, a function generator, a programmable DC power supply, and digital I/O. The software-based device integrates with PCs and iPads, and offers WiFi and USB connectivity. It measures 10 × 7.5 × 2.9" and is portable with an optional carrying case. User interfaces for each instrument are consolidated into one for viewing and interacting with all instruments at once. A mouse and scroll wheel can be used on a PC, or pinch and zoom on an iPad with finger touch. Users can instantly document results by clicking or tapping a button to save screenshots and data to an iPad or PC. When plugged into a USB port, VirtualBench software automatically loads on PCs with Windows AutoPlay. The device integrates with NI LabVIEW software for building custom applications to programmatically control VirtualBench.

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