The SDI Model 1510 Series from Silicon Designs (Kirkland, WA) offers vibration measurements. The analog surface mount (LCC) MEMS variable capacitive accelerometers incorporate a micromachined variable capacitive sensing element and custom integrated circuit.

The accelerometer produces two analog voltages, which vary proportionately according to measured acceleration levels. Series units respond to either AC and DC acceleration, with choice of either +4V differential or 0.5 to 4.5V single ended output. Both outputs read nominally at +2.5 volts (at zero acceleration).

The SDI Model 1510 Series is both nitrogen damped and hermetically sealed. Two reference voltages, +5.0 and +2.5 volts (nominal), are required. The output scale factor is ratiometric to the +5 VDC 6 mA (typical) reference voltage. Sensitive axis is perpendicular to the bottom of the LCC package. Units are RoHS compliant and can reliably operate over a standard temperature range of -40° to +85°C. Series units are available in standard measurement ranges from ±5 g to ±100 g, with corresponding nominal frequency response from 0 to 600 Hz (±5 g) to 0 to 2500 Hz (±100 g).

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