Diversified Technical Systems, Seal Beach, CA, has introduced the SLICE Pro shock-hardened, megasample data acquisition system. The miniature SLICE data recorder can be mounted directly on the test article – no slip rings or telemetry are required.

The recorder fits on virtually any moving or rotating part without altering test dynamics, and is rugged enough for extreme test environments. For applications like measuring torque on a drive shaft, SLICE mounts directly on the shaft next to the strain gauges. Each 3-channel “slice,” or layer, is modular and weighs less than 14 grams. The SLICE Pro is a complete solution with programmable sensor interface, adjustable filters, 16-bit ADC, and Ethernet communication.

It features user-selectable sampling rates up to 1M sps/channel, data bandwidth options to 200 kHz, and supports full- and half-bridge sensors, strain gages, IEPE, voltage input, and thermocouples. Two software options, SLICEWare and DataPRO, enable users to enter sensor and sampling parameters, and the software automatically sets up the hardware.

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