AMETEK Taylor Hobson (Leicester, UK) offers the Surtronic Duo surface measurement system, which consists of the Surtronic R-Series roundness and form tester (for bearing parts) and the Surtronic S-100 portable roughness tester with USB connectivity. The instrument uses a diamond stylus that is drawn across a part with a motorized traverse mechanism. Vertical movement of the stylus is detected by a piezoelectric pickup that converts mechanical movement into electrical signals. The signals are digitized and sent to a microprocessor for calculation of surface parameters. One-button operation produces a full set of traceable measurement results, including a detailed profile graph. Display and traverse modules can be operated as one unit or separated for difficult-access applications; Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless communication between them.

The instrument provides surface finish capabilities such as fundamental roughness and waviness parameters, contour and form error analysis, feature exclusion, zoom tool, and full programmability. It features 1-mm vertical range, 16-nm resolution, and 0.5-um horizontal data spacing for measuring small components and features.

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