New Avionics Corp (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) has announced its Ice*Meister™ Model 9732-PLASTIC Ice Detecting Sensor for Aircraft. The unit consists of a probe, housing, circuit board, and lightweight blue cable. The product, tested at NASA Glenn Research Center, complies with in-flight ice-detection standard SAE AS 5498.

Featuring an all-plastic sensor probe, the device is unitized into a single lightweight module. The probe is entirely optical and senses when water molecules freeze and accumulate on its optical surfaces. Made of non-conductive delrin and acrylic plastics, the probe is electro-magnetically compatible with aircraft radio antennas, and can be installed in close proximity to them.

The sensor accepts any clean DC voltage from 8 volts to 32 volts, consumes less than 5W, and outputs 3.3 volt logic data that describe the relative rate of ice accumulation on the aircraft. The 5-conductor blue cable is jacketed in tough FEP Teflon. Standard cable length is 10 feet.

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