Micro-Epsilon (Raleigh, NC) offers optoNCDT 1320 and 1420 optical smart sensors. Electronics for signal processing are housed in each sensor body. Weighing 60 g, the devices are suitable for dynamic acceleration applications, including machine axes and robot arms. Measuring ranges of 10, 25, or 50 mm are currently available.

The measuring rate of the optoNCDT 1320 can be adjusted to up to 2 kHz. The Auto Target Compensation (ATC) provides stable distance signal control regardless of target color or brightness. Sensors are operated via function key or via Web interface where predefined settings are available. A 3-meter-length cable (with open ends) enables the connection.

The optoNCDT 1420 measures up to 4 kHz. A digital RS422 interface provides distance information of the sensor, as well as analog voltage and current outputs. Up to eight user-specific sensor settings can be stored and exported in the setup management.

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