Macro Sensors (Pennsauken, NJ) has introduced submersible LVDT Position Sensors for use as part of subsea measurement systems. The SSIR 937 Series Submersible LVDT Position Sensors withstand deep sea environments with external pressures to 5000 psi. Designed for use in either pressure-balanced, oil-filled containers or directly in seawater, the 0.94-inch (24-mm)-diameter technologies are available in standard ranges of 2.00 inches (50 mm), 3.00 inches (75 mm), or 4.00 inches (100 mm). To minimize the number of pressure-sealed connections and I/Os, a 4-20mA two-wire, loop-powered I/O is utilized. The 4-20mA I/O also reduces noise over long transmission lines. A data acquisition system on the platform above supports offset management.

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