greenTEG (Zurich, Switzerland) has further miniaturized its laser power sensing technology for OEM applications. The gRAY B0.5-SC measures up to 500 mW on a surface of only 2x2 mm2. The detector is available as bare die component or mounted on a PCB for OEM system integration. With its small dimensions, the detector is especially suited for measurements inside the laser source.

gRAY B0.5-SC detectors have no angle dependence (± 30°) and measure in a spectral range from 190 nm to 15 m. The detector can be reflow soldered like an SMD component, allowing straightforward mechanical and electrical system integration. The gRAY B0.5- SC complements greenTEG’s product portfolio of housed, mounted, and bare-die laser power detectors. greenTEG’s detectors are based on the thermopile technology. A patented process supports the production of detectors with a thickness of 0.6 mm, enabling easy integration in confined environments and a fast rise time of less than a second.

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