Bristol Instruments (Boston, MA) introduced the OM502T Series of monitors for strain gauge sensors. The 5-digit instruments are programmable for mathematical functions, including peak and tare, as well as digital filters. The monitors are available with 0.56- inch-tall red or green LED displays, depending on the model. Accuracy is to 0.05% of range, and rate is up to 100 measurements/sec. Up to four relay outputs are available, and can be turned on or off at preset load values. Analog outputs are 0 to 2/5/10 V, ±10 V; 0 to 5 mA; and 0/4 to 20 mA. Digital output interfaces include RS-232 and RS-485 — both isolated — with MODBUS and PROFIBUS protocols. The monitors offer fixed and adjustable excitation options. between 10 to 30 V AC/DC, 80 to 250 V AC/DC.

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