American Control Electronics (South Beloit, IL) introduced the ACF Series of open chassis microprocessor-based variable frequency drives that offers the simplicity of a DC drive. ACF700 drives are designed for setup without any programming. The drives are equipped with user-adjustable trim pots to set Max/Min Speeds, Slip Comp, Boost, Torque Limit, Accel, and Decel/Injection Braking parameters. The 115V/230V single-phase input can provide single- or three-phase outputs of 115V or 230V for sub-fractional HP motors and gearmotors. An onboard microprocessor allows custom programming for a variety of OEM applications. Other features include 1/60 to 1 HP, carrier frequency of 1.6 or 16 kHz, adjustable base frequency, DC injection braking, and protection against overheating as a result of frequent overload.

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