Boothroyd Dewhurst, Wakefield, RI, announced Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Concurrent Costing Version 3.0. cost-analysis tool for engineering teams. DFM 3.0 allows OEMs and their suppliers to explore bids in a neutral framework where machine types, speeds, processing sequences, and optimum levels of automation are discussed. New features of the software include simplified geometry calculators incorporated into the software’s main response panels so that users are guided through a DFM Cost analysis of their parts. Default manufacturing operations and user-based process libraries have been streamlined, and a new Test View panel was added to formula windows. Data export of management reports and graphs was improved so teams can more easily use DFM Cost results in spreadsheets and presentations. New batch processing features enable easier and faster printing or exporting of multiple reports and graphs simultaneously. Multiple CAD models can also be batch processed, and geometry imported simultaneously.

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