The BGA244 Binary Gas Analyzer from Stanford Research Systems, Sunnyvale, CA, continuously and non-invasively determines the ratio of gases in a binary mixture, or checks the purity of a single gas. It operates without lasers, filaments, chemical sensors, optical sources, separation columns, reference gases, or reagents, and runs virtually maintenance-free. It operates by measuring the speed of sound and temperature in a gas mixture, and knowing the thermodynamic properties and molar masses of the gases. It offers three basic measurement modes: binary gas analyzer, gas purity analyzer, and physical measurements analyzer. In each mode, it displays large numeric readouts of the parameters being measured. The analyzer offers nearly 500 pre-calibrated gases. Limits can be set in all modes of operation. High and low limits can be defined for gas composition, gas purity, speed of sound, temperature, and pressure. Limits can generate events, setting, or clearing relays.

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