Altair, Troy, MI, released the 2018 versions of electromagnetic (EM) simulation software FEKO®, WinProp®, Flux®, and FluxMotor®. These electromagnetic solver tools are part of the HyperWorks® design platform. FEKO computational electromagnetics (CEM) software enables the analysis of EM problems, including antennas, microstrip circuits, RF components, and bio-medical systems, as well as the investigation of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). WinProp enables wave propagation modeling and radio network planning, and is part of the FEKO installation. Flux software for electromagnetic and thermal simulations helps generate optimized and high-performance products. It features embedded multi-parametric analysis capabilities and an open interface that deals with different simulation domains and multiphysics couplings. FluxMotor is a standalone tool for pre-design of electric rotating machines. It enables the user to design and create motors from standard or customized parts, and to add windings and materials to run a selection of tests and compare machine behavior.

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