PrecisionWave Corp., Colorado Springs, CO, has introduced the p1411A RF vector signal generator that includes a spectrum analyzer display and an internal IQ waveform generator.

It is available in both benchtop and ATE configurations. User-created IQ waveforms can generate other signal types, specify data content, or create worst-case signal scenarios for development and test of ICs, sub-assemblies, or completed products. The display continuously shows the instrument's output, and can be used to preview waveforms prior to selecting them for output. The 7" TFT display includes a touch panel for instrument control without an external mouse, keyboard, or stylus - all of which can be connected if required. The instrument features LAN programming, and may be controlled and monitored from Web applications. It includes a low-phase-noise 10-MHz internal frequency reference, and can accept an external 10-MHz reference signal for synchronization with other devices and test equipment.

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