Temperature Transmitters

The Sitrans TH320/420 and TR320/420 WirelessHART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol) temperature transmitters from Siemens, Erlangen, Germany, are available for a range of sensor types suitable for mounting in sensor heads and rail mounting. The devices provide reliable results even under extreme conditions up to -50 °C. The use of the Callendar-van Dusen method or 60-point curve ensures measuring accuracy. Deviations can be detected and monitored through the drift detection with dual-channel transmitters. Electronic device descriptions (EDD, DTM, and FDI) allow the transmitters to be used in all current distributed control systems.

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CFD Software

Software Cradle Co., Ltd., Beavercreek, OH, released V14 of scFLOW computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. Features include a new solver, pre-processor, and a CAD data conversion library. The scflowcmb meshing tool has been added as well as a Fine Interface Reconstruction Method (FIRM) to the free surface flow analysis. FIRM can be applied to analysis with generation of droplets and air bubbles. The cavitation function has been supported for incompressible flow analysis and support for steady-state analysis.

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Signal Analyzers

Anritsu, Allen, TX, offers the MS-269xA signal analyzers for verifying legacy 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced products, as well as 5G NR designs. An optional built-in vector signal generator conducts additional measurements on sub-6-GHz designs. The analyzers can conduct EVM measurements of <0.5% using wide-dynamic-range performance. EVM measurements are optimized by a built-in, one-button Auto-Range function in the signal analyzers. The analyzers also feature DANL of -151 dBm/Hz from 6 to 10 GHz for increased dynamic range.

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3D Printing Software

CoreTechnologies, Southfield, MI, released 4D_Additive software that enables CAD data of all major 3D formats to be processed for 3D printing. Healing functions for CAD models automatically fill gaps and correct overlapping elements, twisted faces, and other geometry errors. In interactive mode, filter functions allow users to locate the geometry errors and fix them with the help of cleanup functions. Other features include checking, healing, and repair features; analysis of models for additive methods; geometry optimization for additive processes; and nesting and optimization of the building platform.

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Infrared Cameras

The RSE Series radiometric mounted infrared cameras from Fluke Corp., Everett, WA, are equipped with software plug-ins to MATLAB® and LabVIEW®. The RSE600 can be mounted to a workstation and continuously streams up to 60 frames of data per second directly to a computer to monitor minute temperature differences and analyze videos frame-by-frame remotely. Optional add-on lenses target different applications (analyzing from a distance or getting the close-up details). Features include 640 × 480 resolution and optional 2x and 4x telephoto, and wide angle and macro lenses.

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Inductive Measurement System

Micro-Epsilon, Raleigh, NC, offers the eddyNCDT 3060 inductive measurement system based on eddy currents for precise displacement measurements in industrial environments. More than 400 sensor models can be combined with the system. The non-contact system includes an industrial-grade M12 Ethernet interface that enables a modern fieldbus connection. The compact controller design and fieldbus connection make the system suitable for integration into machines and systems. A DT3061 controller provides enhanced features such as 5-point calibration and storage of multiple characteristic curves.

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High-Performance Plastics

Interstate Plastics, Sacramento, CA, offers plastic sheet, rod, and tube that provide high purity and resistance to heat and chemicals. Service temperatures range from 140 to 425 °F. Translucent PFA-M plastic, made from tetrafluo-roethylene and perfluorinated methyl vinyl ether, is a temperature- and flame-retardant sheet; LAM CPVC and polypropylene flame-retardant sheet can be utilized in electrical enclosures, insulating panels, and equipment exposed to acids and bases.

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CAD Validation Software

International TechneGroup, Milford, OH, announced CADIQ 11 software that identifies model-based design (MBD) data quality issues that impact downstream re-use for manufacturing, simulation, data exchange, and collaboration. It enables users to validate critical engineering processes including engineering change, revision control, and manufacturability. Features include an enhanced viewer and controller, enhanced PMI validation for MBD models, enhanced support for complex geometric tolerances including improved diagnostics, and improved support for advanced data types.

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Power Inductors

TT Electronics, Carrollton, TX, introduced the HA66 Series of SMD power inductors for use in high-power-density applications where size is critical. The low-profile inductors are suited for high-efficiency DC-DC converters using high switching frequencies up to 3 MHz, as well as EMI and low-pass DC filters. The low-loss, ferrite-based inductors feature inductance ratings from 2.5 to 220 pH, DC resistances from 0.018 to 0.820 Ω, and Irms values from 1.22 to 11.2A. They are magnetically shielded, have low DC resistance, and have an operating temperature range of -40 to +125 °C.

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