Yokogawa Corporation of America, Newnan, GA, released the WT5000 power analyzer that achieves accuracy of ±0.03% at 50/60 Hz, allowing precision evaluation of power consumption, loss, and efficiency of electrical and electronic devices. It uses an 18-bit converter with a sampling frequency of 10 MS/s to capture waveforms from high-speed inverter devices while producing a stable measurement. The device incorporates up to seven input channels. Plug-in modular input elements can be swapped directly by the user. The 30A and 5A elements can be switched for applications involving electric vehicles or fuel-cell vehicles. Using the device equipped with /MTR1 and /MTR2 options, it is possible to evaluate up to four motors simultaneously with one unit. An external current sensor input function is standard in the input element of both the 30A and 5A input elements to meet applications requiring evaluation of larger-current devices. For much higher currents (up to 2000A RMS), dedicated high-current sensors are available.

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