a product photo of the TIB 80-EX power supply from TRACO POWER

TRACO POWER has released the TIB 80-EX series of 80-Watt DIN rail power supplies.

The products are designed for harsh environments and hazardous locations, with certifications for ATEX II3G and UL HazLoc Class I/Div 2 standards.

Features include:

  • 12/24/ 48V outputs (-2% ~ +17% VADJ Range)
  • high efficiency operation of 88-90%
  • 150% peak power for 4 seconds
  • a ruggedized metal enclosure (EN61373-qualified for railway shock and vibration)
  • DC-OK LED indicators on front and side panels

The protection circuits have back power immunity, short-circuit/overload protection, and a DC OK dry signal contact. The product’s reduced heat dissipation enables a -40 °C to +60 °C full load operating temperature range.

Outputs are radio-interference-suppressed to impede radiation at long output lines. The filter reduces the common mode current to within limits of telecommunication ports.

Units operate with a high power factor of up to 99%, with active power factor correction.

All models are safety approved to meet UL/EN 60950-1, UL508 listed, EN 600079-0/-7/-15, ATEX II3G and UL HazLoc Class I, Division 2 with EN55032 Class B for both radiated and conducted emissions.

Learn more about the TIB 80-EX Power Supply Series .