nanotron, Munich, Germany, introduced 360° Edge Analytics tools and location-aware wireless sensors for manufacturing and healthcare. The products automatically extract event information in real time. Position data is collected and augmented using application context information; insights into complex processes are the direct output. The tools process data from any sensor in conjunction with location radio technology. Location-aware sensors are built on tag-ready smart RF modules utilizing a common API. Ready-made anchors allow for scalable IoT infrastructure. The set of available deployment and productivity tools enables users to scale up to increase the number of tracked objects and the size of the monitored area. Offering a per-node coverage range of up to 500 meters, the solution tracks objects with an accuracy to 10 cm. It leverages concurrent data communication, ranging, and tracking and provides a power-efficient approach for extended battery life of mobile devices. Functions include automatic collision warning and real-time tracking. Additional sensing and location-awareness capabilities can be added to the existing deployment in the future. Step-by-step implementation simplifies the deployment process as well as software integration.

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