Maplesoft™, Waterloo, ON, Canada, released Maple™ 2019 software that analyzes, explores, visualizes, and solves math problems. It includes improvements to core functionality such as solving equations, integration, and factoring, and finds symbolic solutions to partial differential equations. The new version supports tensor computations, classical and quantum mechanics, special and general relativity, and standard tensor notation for input and output. Other enhancements are group theory tools for constructing, computing with, and visualizing more groups as well as additional signal processing including new algorithms, manipulation tools, and visualization techniques. It also includes enhancements to the Maple programming language that help users write more efficient code, new visualizations for analyzing data, and additional interactive Math Apps that support teaching and learning key concepts of computer science. A comprehensive environment for parallel computation of the electronic energies and properties of molecules is available in Maple Quantum Chemistry Toolbox, an add-on from RDMChem.

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