Toposens, Sunnyvale, CA, released the TS3, a 3D ultrasonic sensor suitable for autonomous systems including robotics, autonomous vehicles, and other positioning applications that require reliable object detection and situational awareness.

In comparison to common ultrasonic sensors that measure the distance to the closest reflecting surface, these 3D sensors achieve a field of view of up to 160° and provide simultaneous 3D measurements for multiple objects within the scanning area. The sensor combines hardware components with proprietary signal processing algorithms. The embedded sensor system sends out ultrasound waves in a frequency range inaudible by humans. An array of microphones subsequently records the echoes from all objects in the sensor’s vicinity and computes their location in a three-dimensional space. The sensor features a detection range of up to 5 meters and a scan rate of approximately 28 Hz. It returns up to 200 points per second with each 3D point corresponding to the cartesian coordinates and an additional volume measurement of the ultrasound wave’s echo returned by an object’s surface.

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