Varjo™ Technologies, Helsinki, Finland, announced Varjo Workspace, a 2D/3D immersive user interface that uses Microsoft® Windows® applications and 3D software tools within a human-eye-resolution VR or AR environment. Users can seamlessly switch among real, virtual, and mixed reality modes and modify their creations while experiencing them in 3D. The Dimensional Interface can display readable text on a virtual screen or mix the virtual and real worlds together. The user interface works with the XR-1 Developer Edition headset that enables designers and engineers to work within an immersive VR/XR environment while simultaneously using the power of existing desktop applications. Through the Dimensional Interface, users can experience and modify 3D models without removing the headset; for example, the software can be used in the automotive industry to modify a 3D car model using existing CAD and visualization tools like Autodesk® VRED, Unity, or Unreal while simultaneously observing the model in mixed or virtual reality.

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