Tektronix, Beaverton, OR, announced the TBS2000B Series of digital storage oscilloscopes that features a 9" WVGA display and 15 horizontal divisions for signal visibility, 5-million-point record length, 200-MHz bandwidth, and 2 GS/s sample rate capture. The TekVPI™ probe interface supports a wide range of active, differential, and current probes with automatic scaling and units. On-waveform cursor readouts with search and mark features enable easy identification of events that occur in the acquired waveform. Bandwidth is field-upgradeable from 70 MHz to 100 MHz to 200 MHz. The instruments offer Wi-Fi support (via USB Wi-Fi dongle), 2 USB host ports, and 100-BaseT Ethernet. They provide built-in features including HelpEverywhere, which offers instant tips within key menus including measurement information, application tips, and general guidance in the form of text and graphics.

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