Cable Ties

SapiSelco cable ties from AutomationDirect, Cumming, GA, provide cable and wire management and are designed with rounded edges to eliminate damage to cable sleeves caused by cable ties with sharp edges. CLICK Tie beaded cable ties allow release for reuse and have a double head that allows tying of a second bundle. Low-temperature, UV-resistant cable ties can be used outdoors in harsh weather.

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Machine Vision Modules

Cincoze, New Taipei City, Taiwan, released Quadro MXM-RTX3000 and MXM-T1000 GPU modules for factory machine vision applications. The modules use NVIDIA® Quadro® Turing™ GPU architecture based on a 12-nm process. Both models support GDDR6 memory. The MXM-RTX3000 has a single card capacity of up to 6 GB and 336 GB/s memory bandwidth; the MXM-T1000 has 4 GB capacity and 192 GB/s memory bandwidth.

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Milling Software

CNC Software, Tolland, CT, introduced Mastercam Mill milling software that includes multiaxis features, 3D enhancements, and 2D high-speed toolpaths.

The 3+2 Automatic Roughing toolpath automatically makes multiplane 3-axis toolpaths for roughing.

Advanced Drill toolpath is a customizable multi-segment drill cycle for spot drilling, deep hole drilling, and back spot facing.

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Connection Pins

Series BP100 Press-N-Lok™ aluminum pins from SPIROL International Corp., Danielson, CT, permanently retain two plastic components to each other. The pins have opposing raised barbs on each end angled backwards opposite the direction of insertion. As the pin is being inserted, the plastic back-fills into the area around the barbs, resulting in maximum resistance to axial force and providing a tamper-resistant assembly.

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Snap-Action Switches

Miniature VM3S and sub-Series process sealed snap-action switches are available from CIT Relay & Switch, Minneapolis, MN in either SPST normally open or normally closed. The UL/cUL recognized switches offer actuator styles including pin plunger, standard, short and long hinge levers, roller, and simulated roller. Contact material is silver or gold over silver.

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Power Supplies

WAGO, Germantown, WI, offers the 787-1201/1211/ 1221 COMPACT power supplies with 12 VDC and a housing with pluggable picoMAX® connectors. They are equipped with Push-in G\GE CLAMP® connection technology with pushbuttons and can be placed on a DIN rail (suitable for DIN 35 rail) or secured on a chassis mount. The removable front panel provides cooling and reduced derating in alternative mounting situations.

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Multichannel Receiver

Novator Solutions, Sollentuna, Sweden, announced the HUGIN 2000 high-dynamic-range, networked, multichannel receiver with two 50MHz, 80-MHz, or 200-MHz real-time bandwidth per input. Multiple operators can listen to and control a subset of the 2,048 channels from different locations. In parallel, surveillance software can send tasking functions to the receiver to automatically record and analyze hundreds of channels.

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Rotary Latches

SOUTHCO®, Concordville, PA, offers the R4-75 rotary latch series with a debris-resistant version for medium-duty applications. They feature an integrated mounting bracket and a concealed rotary mechanism for use where remote actuation is required. Constructed of corrosion-resistant steel, the latches offer an in-line trigger and external rotor for interior or exterior enclosures and compartments.

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3U Backplanes

Elma Electronic, Fremont, CA, offers 3U backplanes aligned to Snapshot 3 of the SOSA Technical Standard. Available populated with or without VITA 67.3 connectors for timing and RF connectivity, the 6-slot and 8-slot backplanes provide a foundation for high-speed signal processing systems. They incorporate slot profiles for SBCs, switches, radial clocks, and expansion. The modular design enables a wide range of slot counts and connection configurations.

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3D Sensors

SmartRay, Wolfratshausen, Germany, introduced ECCO 95+ 3D sensors for inspection and measurement. They provide high-speed, high-definition 3D scanning across a range of applications. The industrial compact housing measures 45 x 74 mm and weighs less than 550 g. The range consists of five sensors: the 95.010+, 95.020+, 95.040+, 95.100+, and the 95.200+ that offer a variety of resolutions and measurement ranges for the automotive, electronics, industrial, and consumer electronics sectors.

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SMT Jumpers

Keystone Electronics Corp., New Hyde Park, NY, released a series of true zero-ohm high-current SMT jumpers designed to replace zero-ohm resistors without the need to change board designs or layouts. Four resistor chip sizes are offered. They are made of copper with silver plating for high-density, high-current PCB applications and are supplied on tape and reel.

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Wireless Load Pin

Strainsert, Conshohocken, PA, offers a wireless load pin for wireless telemetry where wired installation may be difficult, cost-prohibitive, or undesirable. The system provides the load pin or shackle bolt with attached wireless transmitter that fits either custom or standard clevis pins. Software tools are included for interfacing with device configuration, calibration, datalogging, and recording.

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Cable Connector Assemblies

Harwin, Portsmouth, UK released 2.00-mm-pitch Datamate Hi-Rel cable connector assemblies that cover male and female connections with numerous contact count and cable length options. They come in both single-ended and double-ended configurations and 150-, 300- and 450-mm cable lengths can be supplied. All connectors have stainless steel jackscrews for secure mating and vibration resistance.

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Digital Delay and Pulse Generator

Highland Technology, San Francisco, CA, introduced the P500 4-channel benchtop digital delay and pulse generator that generates four separately programmable delay-and-width outputs. It can generate delays up to 1,000 seconds in 1 picosecond increments and is capable of a repetition rate of 14 MHz. Trigger sources include internal, external, remote, manual, or line. From an internal or external trigger, it generates a time reference pulse and four pulse outputs programmable for delay, width, and high/low voltage levels.

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EMI Shielding

Orbel, Easton, PA, offers the Groove-Loc™ EMI shield for printed circuit boards. The two-part system consists of a bendable, formable fence strip and a locking cover. The fence can be shaped and trimmed to match most rectangular footprints. The cover contains a groove along the inner walls that locks into dimples on the fence, creating a bond between the two components. It is made of nickel silver alloy for medium to high levels of electromagnetic interference.

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