3D Printers

Stratasys, Eden Prairie, MN, introduced three 3D printers for additive manufacturing of end-use partsThe Stratasys Origin® One 3D printer uses proprietary P3™ technology and a software-first architecture to produce parts at volume in a range of open, certified third-party materials. The Stratasys H350™ 3D printer, powered by SAF™ technology, delivers production-level throughput for end-use parts. It can produce thousands of parts such as covers, connectors, hinges, cable holders, electronics housings, and ducting. The Stratasys F770™ 3D printer for large parts uses FDM technology and features a fully heated build chamber and build volume of more than 13 cubic feet (372 liters). It can prototype jigs and fixtures and tooling applications requiring standard thermoplastics. Soluble support material simplifies post-processing.

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