Infinite Material Solutions, Prescott, WI, launched Caverna PP, an extrudable thermoplastic 3D printing filament that allows users to create lightweight foam parts resembling a sponge. Specifically designed for use in Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) systems, the material’s co-continuous distribution of tiny pores (1 to 4 μ) could allow for consistent airflow, eliminating the need to drill holes and maximizing material distribution. The material is the first in a line of Caverna build materials. Each one will be a blend of two polymers: a soluble material to be removed through dissolution and an insoluble build material (in this case, polypropylene) to remain. After dissolution, the water-soluble phase leaves behind a cave-like network of microporous interconnected channels inside the build material, making it light, soft, and porous. Users can simply print the part, leave it to dissolve, and come back to find a complete build with a microporous structure.

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