DATAQ® Instruments, Akron, OH, announced the Model DI-4730 high-voltage isolated data acquisition system that features up to 16-bit A/D resolution, standalone data logging capability, and a channel expansion option that allows daisy-chaining. Multi-unit synchronization allows for throughput sample rates as high as 480 kHz. The system has eight analog inputs with programmable measurement ranges from ±10 mV to ±1000 V full scale and input-to-output/channel-to-channel isolation of ±1000V. Seven digital input ports include support for rate measurements up to 50 Khz and a 16-bit counter. Data can be logged to a PC hard drive or to a USB thumb drive in standalone mode. The system includes a 6-foot USB cable, a 5-foot Ethernet cable, a power supply and adapter, a screwdriver for digital input signal connections, and a USB thumb drive with WinDaq software.

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This article first appeared in the October, 2021 issue of Tech Briefs Magazine.

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