Holo Industries LLC, Cottage Grove, OR, offers Holographic Touch large-format, contactless holographic systems for machine, factory, and other rugged industrial applications. The systems comprise holographic plates, sensors, and proprietary software and hardware that allow users to touch, pinch, scroll, or spin any image in midair. The user interface provides zero latency with 50-millisecond response time, even when the operator is wearing gloves. Since all interactions occur in midair, there is no residual grease or grime on touchscreens, keyboards, or other control surfaces. Plate sizes measure 310 mm (12.2 × 12.2"), 420 mm (16.5 × 16.5"), and 630 mm (24.8 × 24.8"). The glass plates are 5.6 mm (0.22") thick and consist of vertical mirrors hundreds of microns wide.

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