Dewetron USA, Wakefield, RI, has introduced the DEWE-43-V, an ultra-portable data acquisition system that includes eight 24-bit dynamic analog input channels with >100 dB dynamic range; eight synchronous counters for recording speed, counts, RPM, and duty cycle from tachometer and pulse train sources; 24 TTL level digital discrete inputs; and two high-speed CAN BUS ports. The system is made from a solid block of aluminum for rugged conditions, and is connected via USB to any Windows PC. Each of the eight analog inputs is a multifunctional signal conditioner capable of handling full-bridge strain gages and voltages up to ±10V. MSI adapters are available for IEPE accelerometers and microphones, high voltages, thermocouples, RTD sensors, and charge accelerometers. The adapters are automatically recognized by the DEWESoft-SE software, which adjusts the input ranges and engineering units to match them. GPS and video sensors can be connected to the PC and recorded in sync with the analog data from the DEWE-43-V. The unit is powered via a 6-36 VDA, and includes an AC/DC adapter with additional adapters for common AC plugs worldwide.

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This article first appeared in the August, 2009 issue of NASA Tech Briefs Magazine.

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