Developed at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, the subject technology is a portable airport runway/taxiway intersection lighting system and signage designed to prevent incursions. This proposed runway incursion prevention solution aids in the management and prevention of airport runway accidents through interfacing with aircraft and the control tower in preventing potentially dangerous incidents between aircraft.

The system comprises an air traffic control user interface, a central communication unit, and several runway intersection display and monitor units. The technology is a simple solution for incursion prevention with alternative communications methods, warning/alert devices, and power supplies. Automatic detection and verbal warning of clearance violators, and health and status watchdog signals are also provided.

The system is radio-controlled by the tower, utilizing encrypted signals. It provides a confirmation signal that monitors and reports pilots’ actions to the tower. Using commercial off-the-shelf components, the system is solar-powered with a backup battery.

The Portable Runway Intersection Display and Monitoring System provides portability, compactness, versatility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in establishing a protective environment for aircraft taking off, intending to take off, landing, or intending to land.

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