The GOES-R Program has requirements to maintain knowledge of the GOES-R satellite onboard memory contents, including managing general satellite operations tables; processor memory dumps for memory verification; creating command loads, memory (table) loads, and command sequences to operate the satellite; verifying stored command and memory (table) loads; and to provide for operator-initiated memory dumps from satellite processors. The principal limitation is the tie to specific spacecraft architecture.

The tool developed here manages updates, versioning, revisions, and CM (Command Module) control of the Spacecraft Parameter Database. It is a Web-based application for creating and maintaining spacecraft files required for setting flight software parameters associated with test and operations. It controls the format of the files, the content of the files, and configuration management of the files relative to both the FSW (flight software) build cycle and the spacecraft test and operations phases. The files themselves are closely associated with the specific design of the individual flight software CSCs (computer software components), and as such, will be changing format and content throughout the flight software development phase.

This work was done by Lawrence Alexander of Lockheed Martin Space Systems for Goddard Space Flight Center. GSC-16779-1

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