A large-area detector without any dead space capable of handling a large dynamic range does not currently exist. Current large-area detectors have dead zones created by abutting several modules together. These detectors are counting detectors, which are good only for low-flux operations.

The High-Resolution X-Ray Camera System is a large-area, high-spatial-resolution camera system for detection of x-rays with pixels capable of handling signals of up to five orders of magnitude dynamic range and in-situ storage of images acquired at high speed (multi-megahertz frequency).

The pixelated detector system is up to 20 × 20 cm with small pixel sizes on the order of 100-150 μm (side) without any dead space. Each pixel can integrate a wide dynamic range charge of five orders of magnitude 1 fC to 100 pC from the detector that is equivalent to the range of 1 to 105 photons impinging on a single pixel at a multi-megahertz frequency (6.5 MHz). The system achieves both the required resolution at the low end and adequate dynamic range with good linearity.

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