Work has been focused on identifying bottlenecks in visualization pipelines that make the visualization and analysis of large datasets in real time difficult to attain. The innovators leveraged ParaView, an open-source visualization application and framework, to provide custom solutions for users of NASA’s high-performance computing (HPC) resources instead of conducting high-risk research. Issues regarding different types of data (grid-based and particle-based) have been addressed, and overheads dealing with challenging multivariate data from global 3D full particle simulations were addressed by working closely with ParaView users.

By working closely with NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS) team, the innovators developed a Web-based prototype to enable sharing of large datasets and interactive visualizations. This project involves extending ParaView to address large data compilations and to enable near-real-time visualization for NASA scientists.

This work was done by Utkarsh Ayachit and George Zagaris of Kitware, Inc., and Homa Karimabadi of SciberQuest, Inc. for Goddard Space Flight Center. GSC-16477-1

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