This application serves as Web-based management of the Systems Engi - neering Education and Development (SEED) program, and enables the SEED Program Manager to track and manage the applications and assignments. In the past, the handling of the applications and assignments was cumbersome due to a manual process with paper copies of competencies and applicant data. The new system enables the automation of the entire process to streamline determination of both the viability of the applicants and the effectiveness of the program on the participants through the course of their time in the program.

The primary objective of the SEED program is to provide a pipeline of entry-level systems engineers to support GSFC’s ongoing mission, and instrument pre-formulation, formulation, and implementation efforts. The Web-based form serves the SEED program applicants and participants. The form is also used for the Project Leads to submit the potential rotational assignments for SEED participants.

The tool is used as a part of the application to gather the SEED applicant’s relevant experience. This includes the areas of expertise, part of the project lifecycle, and level of experience. The tool will track the participants as they go through the program to measure the progress towards competencies, level of responsibility, and growth in experiences.

This work was done by Donya Douglas, Carmel Conaty, and Gregory Wood of Goddard Space Flight Center. This software is available for use. To request a copy, please visit 

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