The Generalized Query Tool for accessing the database of MaROS can be utilized in three modes: (1) batch mode where a user's authentication data is inserted directly along with a desired query to the database, (2) interactive mode where a desired query is known and can be entered directly, and (3) interactive mode with a query “wizard” that walks a user through the steps needed to construct a valid query to the database. In all three cases, the successful execution of the script results in data from the MaROS database being made available to the user in a comma-separated output file. For new users, it is recommended to use the third mode to build a sample query and then tailor that as desired for use with the first or second modes.

MaROS is used to coordinate relay activities across the Mars Relay Network in support of the transference of science and engineering data to and from the surface of Mars via Mars orbiting assets, and for the publication of related accountability data. Before the creation of this script, there was no generalized solution to access the MaROS database except via the MaROS Web browser application.

The script is written in Python, and requires at least Python version 1.5. The script is to be typically run on Solaris or Linux systems, and provides a means for automated processes to regularly query the database for needed data using the first mode, as described above.

In addition to being utilized by the current missions participating in the Mars Relay Network — namely, the Mars 2001 Odyssey orbiter; ESA's Mars Express Orbiter; the Mars Exploration Rover, Opportunity; the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter; and the Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity — the script will be valuable to future missions, including InSight, ESA's ExoMars-TGO, ExoMars-EDM, ExoMars-2018 Lander/Rover, and NASA's Mars 2020 Rover.

This work was done by Roy E. Gladden and Franklin H. Hy of Caltech for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This software is available for license through the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and you may request a license at: . NPO-49813

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