The Visual Data Analysis Package is a collection of programs and scripts that facilitate visual analysis of data available from NASA and NOAA satellites, as well as dropsonde, buoy, and conventional in-situ observations. The package features utilities for data extraction, data quality control, statistical analysis, and data visualization.

The Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) satellite data extraction routines from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory were customized for specific spatial coverage and file input/output. Statistical analysis includes the calculation of the relative error, the absolute error, and the root mean square error. Other capabilities include curve fitting through the data points to fill in missing data points between satellite passes or where clouds obscure satellite data. For data visualization, the software provides customizable Generic Mapping Tool (GMT) scripts to generate difference maps, scatter plots, line plots, vector plots, histograms, time-series, and color fill images.

This program was written by Yee Lau, Sachin Bhate, and Patrick Fitzpatrick of the GeoResources Institute at Mississippi State University for Stennis Space Center.

Inquiries concerning rights for its commercial use should be addressed to:

Mississippi State University

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Mississippi State, MS 39762-5368

Phone No: (228) 688-1157

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