The Core Technical Capability Lab - oratory Management System (CTCLMS) consists of dynamically generated Web pages used to access a database containing detailed CTC lab data with the software hosted on a server that allows users to have remote access. Users log into the system with their KSC (or other domain) username and password. They are authenticated within that domain and their CTCLMS user privileges are then authenticated within the system. Based on the different user's privileges (roles), menu options are displayed. CTCLMS users are assigned roles such as Lab Member, Lab Manager, Natural Neighbor Integration Manager, Organ - izational Manager, CTC Program Manager, or Administrator. The role assigned determines the users' capabilities within the system. Users navigate the menu to view, edit, modify or delete laboratory and equipment data, generate financial and managerial reports, and perform other CTC lab-related functions and analyses.

High availability and detail of lab data gives management insight into the needs and requirements of KSC CTC-funded labs. Comprehensive, quantitative, current data are available in one easily accessible location for Program Operating Plan (POP) development, justification of POP submittals, over-guide requests, contract renewals, and phasing of maintenance and replacement requirements. Lab health is quantitatively understandable. Financial and managerial reports are generated automatically from detailed data, and facilitate uniform comparison and assessment of lab requirements. Budgets and program estimates are based on empirical data.

Features of the system include addition, modification, deletion, and viewing of lab hardware and software equipment data. Equipment data include equipment name, type, description, manufacturer, and other key parameters. CTCLMS also prioritizes obsolete equipment replacement at three levels of responsibility, manages the addition of new users and the assignment of roles and submits current lab conditions and costs.

This work was done by Linda Shaykhian, Curtis Dugger, and Laurie Griffin for Kennedy Space Center.


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This article first appeared in the October, 2008 issue of NASA Tech Briefs Magazine.

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