A report describes an experimental study of the surface-chemical, microstructural, and tribological properties of cubic boron nitride (c-BN) films, which are potentially useful as hard, wear-resistant coatings on bearings and on steel-cutting tools. For the experiments, BN films about 500 nm thick were synthesized by magnetically enhanced plasma ion plating onto titanium interlayers on mirror-finish silicon substrates. The films were characterized by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy, electron diffraction, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, atomic-force microscopy, and surface profilometry.

This work was done by Donald R. Wheeler, Phillip B. Abel, Kenneth W. Street, and Kazuhisa Miyoshi of John H. Glenn Research Center and Shuichi Watanabe, Masao Murakawa, and Shojiro Miyake of the Nippon Institute of Technology. Inquiries concerning rights for the commercial use of this invention should be addressed to

John H. Glenn Research Center, Commercial Technology Office, Attn: Steve Fedor, Mail Stop 4-8, 21000 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44135

Refer to LEW-16695.

NASA Tech Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the May, 1999 issue of NASA Tech Briefs Magazine.

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