Marshall Aerospace Vehicle Representation in C (MAVERIC) is a C-language computer program developed for use in performing high-fidelity simulations of flights and analyses of the guidance and control performances of the X-33 aerospace vehicle and the VentureStar reusable launch vehicle (RLV). A secondary purpose served by MAVERIC is determining indicators of vehicle parameters on realistic flight trajectories.

MAVERIC is in a state of continuing development. It is modular and is designed to be readily modifiable for simulating flights of other conceptual advanced aerospace vehicles; indeed, it has already been modified for use in simulating the flight of an orbital transfer vehicle.

The C computing language was chosen for MAVERIC because the X-33 flight software will be in C. Previous available programs that could have been chosen for the present applications were written in Fortran. These programs were not modular and not easily modifiable for high-fidelity computational modeling of the flight of the X-33.

MAVERIC includes subsystem models for the X-33 and the RLV, plus algorithms for monitoring guidance and control performance and trajectory-reshaping algorithms used to fly X-33 and RLV. A MAVERIC simulation can be started at a point other than liftoff. A simulation can include for all phases of flight from launch to the terminal-area energy-management interface [the interface between (1) re-entry into the atmosphere and (2) gliding flight through the atmosphere toward a landing point].

MAVERIC provides options for mathematical modeling of effects of winds, atmospheres, and dispersion. The Global Reference Atmosphere Model and range reference atmospheres are included. A Monte Carlo capability is provided for use in modeling dispersion. Dispersions that can be modeled include those of atmospheres, winds, propulsion, navigation, aerodynamics, and mass properties. Engine-out termination of flight can also be modeled.

MAVERIC is based on the Tframes modular software developed for the U.S. Army for use in simulating vehicles. Detailed descriptions and documentation for MAVERIC do not yet exist.

This work was done by James McCarter, Don Krupp, and Travis Dawson of Marshall Space Flight Center. For further information, contact Larry Gagliano, MSFC Software Release Authority, at (256) 544-7175 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. MFS-31338

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This article first appeared in the April, 2000 issue of NASA Tech Briefs Magazine.

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