DAVEtools is a set of Java archives (*.jar files) that embodies tools for manipulating flight-dynamics models that have been encoded in dynamic aerospace vehicle exchange markup language (DAVE-ML). [DAVE-ML is an application program, written in Extensible Markup Language (XML), for encoding complete computational models of the dynamics of aircraft and spacecraft. The goal in the continuing development of DAVE-ML is to expedite the exchange and validation of dynamical models, via the Internet, in a manner that is consistent and is independent of computational-simulation facilities, computing languages, and simulation software.] At present, DAVEtools includes two tools:

  • dave (a basic DAVE-ML parser), which generates a Java-based version of a model encoded in DAVE-ML and
  • dave2sl, which builds on dave to create Simulink® representations of models encoded in DAVE-ML.

The manipulations that can be performed at the present early stage of development are rather limited. More importantly, DAVEtools serves as an example of how to write an import software tool for a DAVE-ML file.

This program was written by Bruce Jackson of Langley Research Center. For further information, access http://daveml.nasa.gov. LAR-16879-1

NASA Tech Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the May, 2006 issue of NASA Tech Briefs Magazine.

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