A suite of computer programs has been developed for special test equipment (STE) that is used in verification testing of the Health Management Computer Integrated Rack Assembly (HMC-IRA), a ground- based system of analog and digital electronic hardware and software for "flight-like" testing for development of components of an advanced health- management system for the space shuttle main engine (SSME). HMC-IRA units are designed to be integrated into a test facility wherein they enable additional engine monitoring during SSME hot-fire tests. Running on a control processor that is part of the STE, the STE software enables the STE to simulate the SSME Controller, the SSME itself, and interfaces between the SSME and the HMC-IRA.

The STE software enables the STE to simulate the analog input and the data flow of an SSME test firing from start to finish. The STE software also provides user interfaces, error injection, data storage, and board-level test routines. Accompanying the STE software is a suite of postprocessing programs that convert stored data from the HMC-IRA and STE to readable textual and graphical formats, extract timing and statistical data, and provide for calibration of analog circuit cards.

These programs were written by Andre Lang, Jimmie Cecil, Ralph Heusinger, Kathleen Freestone, Lisa Blue, DeLisa Wilkerson, Leigh Anne McMahon, Richard B. Hall, Kosta Varnavas, Keary Smith, and Donna Kaukler of Marshall Space Flight Center and James Hall of Sverdrup Technology, Inc.

NASA Tech Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the September, 2007 issue of NASA Tech Briefs Magazine.

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