Single-Doppler retrieval of low-level, two-dimensional winds is desired to compare ground radar wind retrievals to satellite scatterometer wind retrievals. This needs to be integrated within the growing collection of open-source radar tools maintained by the Python Atmospheric/Ocean Sciences (PyAOS) community. SingleDop is a software module written in Python that retrieves 2D, low-level winds from either real or simulated Doppler radar data.

It ingests Doppler radar data using the Department of Energy’s Py-ART open-source radar software toolkit, or spec-specifies synthetic wind data. After analysis, the user has options to either plot the retrieved 2D wind data or save them. It works using the IPython interactive command line interface, or the user can write a script that calls the module to do analyses and plots in batch mode. The interface is simplified to a single line of code in the end user’s Python scripts, making implementation of the algorithm in research analyses very easy.

Simple visualization (including vector and contour plots) and save/load routines (to preserve analysis results) are provided.

This work was done by Timothy Lang of Marshall Space Flight Center. NASA is seeking partners to further develop this technology through joint cooperative research and development. For more information about this technology and to explore opportunities, please contact Ronald C. Darty at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. MFS-33272-1

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