The Simulation by Logical Modeling of Costs (SIBYL/COST) software subsystem is used by logistical and financial analysts to develop cost projections of labor and hardware requirements for preparation of space shuttle main engine (SSME) spares proposals, SSME program operating plans (POPs), and special engine-cost studies. SIBYL/ COST makes projections of program resource requirements, identifies potential program threats and associated costs, evaluates adjustments of scope to meet funding levels, supports decision packages for pre- and post-POP exercises, and provides sufficient detail to support operating plans, team budgets, and changes in contracts for subsequent years.

Pricing, financial, and logistical analysts and team members use SIBYL/ COST to make multiyear labor-hour and cost projections. The analyst starts the program by opening a new data file, which provides default component names, configurations, hardware schedule, and such tables as those of accounting hours and ogives. The team members then enter discrete data based on hardware schedule provided by the financial analyst. As each team's data become available, the financial analyst imports the team's discrete data into a central data file. Upon completion of this process, the financial analyst generates a multiyear projection of labor hours and costs.

SIBYL/COST is written in C++ for use on IBM-compatible personal computers running the Windows 3.1 operating system. It has been successfully implemented under Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT 4.0. An executable program, together with sample input and output data files, is included. Btrieve for Windows and Spread/VBX are necessary if there is a need to recompile source code. To obtain a copy of Btrieve, call Pervasive Software at 1-800-287-4383. To obtain Spread/VBX, call FarPoint Technologies, Inc., at 1-800-645-5913. The standard distribution medium for SIBYL/COST is a set of three 3.5-in. (8.89-cm), 1.44MB diskettes in MD-DOS format. The contents of diskettes 2 and 3 have been compressed by use of the PKWARE archiving software tools.

This program was written by John K. Fredrick, William R. Jennings, and Hyon Ok Wu of Boeing North American for Marshall Space Flight Center. MFS-30139

NASA Tech Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the September, 1998 issue of NASA Tech Briefs Magazine.

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