Portfolio Analysis Tool (PAT) is a Webbased, client/server computer program that helps managers of multiple projects funded by different customers to make decisions regarding investments in those projects. PAT facilitates analysis on a macroscopic level, without distraction by parochial concerns or tactical details of individual projects, so that managers' decisions can reflect the broad strategy of their organization.

PAT is accessible via almost any Web-browser software. Experts in specific projects can contribute to a broad database that managers can use in analyzing the costs and benefits of all projects, but do not have access for modifying criteria for analyzing projects: access for modifying criteria is limited to managers according to levels of administrative privilege. PAT affords flexibility for modifying criteria for particular "focus areas" so as to enable standardization of criteria among similar projects, thereby making it possible to improve assessments without need to rewrite computer code or to rehire experts, and thereby further reducing the cost of maintaining and upgrading computer code. Information in the PAT database and results of PAT analyses can be incorporated into a variety of ready-made or customizable tabular or graphical displays.

This program was written by Tim Barth and Edgar Zapata of Kennedy Space Center, and Perakath Benjamin, Mike Graul, and Doug Jones of KBSI, Inc.

In accordance with Public Law 96-517, the contractor has elected to retain title to this invention. Inquiries concerning rights for its commercial use should be addressed to:

Perakath Benjamin
Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.
1408 University Drive East
College Station,
TX 77840
Phone: (979) 260-5274

Refer to KSC-12510, volume and number of this NASA Tech Briefs issue, and the page number.

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This article first appeared in the August, 2005 issue of NASA Tech Briefs Magazine.

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