Wing-Viewer is a computer program for acquisition and reduction of image data acquired by any of five different scientific grade commercial electronic cameras used at Langley Research center to observe wind-tunnel models coated with pressure or temperature-sensitive paints (PSP/TSP).

Wing-Viewer provides full automation of camera operation and acquisition of image data, and has limited data-preprocessing capability for quick viewing of the results of PSP/TSP test images. Wing- Viewer satisfies a requirement for a standard interface between all the cameras and a single personal computer: Written by use of Microsoft Visual C++ and the Microsoft Foundation Class Library as a framework, Wing-Viewer has the ability to communicate with the C/C++ software libraries that run on the controller circuit cards of all five cameras. Wing-Viewer saves image data in tagged image file (TIF) version 6.0 format. Wing-Viewer can function on computers that run any of the several Windows operating systems, including Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT.

This program was written by Tahani R. Amer and William K. Goad of Langley Research Center. For further information, access the Technical Support Package (TSP) free on-line at under the Software category. LAR-16474-1

NASA Tech Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the October, 2005 issue of NASA Tech Briefs Magazine.

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