Event Driven Messaging with Role-Based Subscriptions (EDM-RBS) is a framework integrated into the Service Management Database (SMDB) to allow for role-based and subscription-based delivery of synchronous and asynchronous messages over JMS (Java Messaging Service), SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), or SMS (Short Messaging Service). This allows for 24/7 operation with users in all parts of the world. The software classifies messages by triggering data type, application source, owner of data triggering event (mission), classification, sub-classification and various other secondary classifying tags. Messages are routed to applications or users based on subscription rules using a combination of the above message attributes.

This program provides a framework for identifying connected users and their applications for targeted delivery of messages over JMS to the client applications the user is logged into. EDM-RBS provides the ability to send notifications over e-mail or pager rather than having to rely on a live human to do it. It is implemented as an Oracle application that uses Oracle relational database management system intrinsic functions. It is configurable to use Oracle AQ JMS API or an external JMS provider for messaging. It fully integrates into the event-logging framework of SMDB (Subnet Management Database).

EDB-RBS is currently integrated into the SMDB component of the Service Preparation Subsystem of the DSN (Deep Space Network). Users worldwide rely on this service for notification confirming acceptance or denial of submitted products in support of mission tracking activities. DSN operations rely on this service for asynchronous notifications of problems needing human intervention. This innovation is a core service supporting the concept of lights-out operations and operations with human intervention by exception, a plan to improve the level of service while reducing operations costs.

This work was done by Tung Bui, Bach Bui, Shantanu Malhotra, Fannie Chen, Rachel Kim, Christopher Allen, Ivy Luong, George Chang, and Silvino Zendejas of Caltech and Syed Sadaqathulla of Raytheon for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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