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Software Tech Briefs is a special supplement to NASA Tech Briefs. Download the digital version (PDF) at right to learn about new software programs outlined in the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

FEATURES4 Simulation Leads to Better Cooling of Electronic Components in Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

DESIGN & ANALYSIS SOFTWARE8 Conjugate Heat Transfer

9 Surface Plasmon Resonance

10 Software Creates and Analyzes Lightning Protection Solutions for Wind Turbines

11 Computing Radiative Transfer in a 3D Medium

12 Water Detection Based on Object Reflections

13 SATPLOT for Analysis of SECCHI Heliospheric Imager Data

ELECTRONICS/COMPUTERS13 Low-Cost Telemetry System for Small/Micro Satellites

14 Plug-in Plan Tool v3.0.3.1

14 Architectural Implementation of NASA Space Telecommunications Radio System Specification


15 Autonomous Rover Traverse and Precise Arm Placement on Remotely Designated Targets

15 Operator Interface and Control Software for the Reconfigurable Surface System Tri-ATHLETE

18 Nonlinear Estimation Approach to Real-Time Georegistration from Aerial Images

19 Optimal Force Control of Vibro-Impact Systems for Autonomous Drilling Applications

20 Journal and Wave Bearing Impedance Calculation Software

PHYSICAL SCIENCES20 Scalable Integrated Multi-Mission Support System (SIMSS) Simulator Release 2.0 for GMSEC

21 Linked-List-Based Multibody Dynamics (MBDyn) Engine

21 Frequency Correction for MIRO Chirp Transformation Spectroscopy Spectrum

21 Jet and Tropopause Products for Analysis and Characterization (JETPAC)

22 Multi-Mission Power Analysis Tool (MMPAT) Version 3

22 Jupiter Environment Tool

22 WGM Temperature Tracker

23 Large Terrain Continuous Level of Detail 3D Visualization Tool

23 Earth-Science Data Co-Locating Tool

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY24 Algorithms for Determining Physical Responses of Structures Under Load

25 CometQuest: A Rosetta Adventure

25 Mission Analysis, Operations, and Navigation Toolkit Environment (Monte) Version 040

25 Tiled WMS/KML Server V2

26 Where’s My Data — WMD

26 Dig Hazard Assessment Using a Stereo Pair of Cameras

27 Mars Express Forward Link Capabilities for the Mars Relay Operations Service (MaROS)

27 FERMI/GLAST Integrated Trending and Plotting System Release 5.0

28 Scalable Integrated Multi-Mission Support System Simulator Release 3.0

28 Policy-Based Negotiation Engine for Cross-Domain Interoperability


30 WMS Server 2.0

30 High-Performance Modeling and Simulation of Anchoring in Granular Media for NEO Applications

31 Mobile Multi-System Overview

31 Ascent/Descent Software

32 I-FORCAST: Rapid Flight Planning Tool

32 Leveraging Cloud Computing to Improve Storage

Durability, Availability, and Cost for MER Maestro